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Who we are?

We’re active on the Romanian market since 2008 and as from 2013 we operate under the “PhotoMedia Management” brand. Our team’s gathered expertise equals tens of years of work in communication projects, media, strategic planning and includes projects for clients in Romania, Germany, Austria and Ireland. Currently, our core team comprises 9 members.

Our services and products are supplied directly and in-house. Nevertheless, depending on each project’s complexity, dimension and duration, we can expand our capabilities and resources, in a flexible and quick manner, reaching out to an already existing network of trusted, specialized collaborators and partners, yet maintaining our contractor role and guaranteeing for the same quality and confidentiality standards

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Adrian Mănițiu
Managing Director
Mădălina Neamu
Executive director
Cosmin Silistraru
Creative Director
Oana Măniuțiu
Graphic Designer

Roland Țăruș
Account Manager
Constantin Țapordei
Account Executive
Bogdan Saviuc
Social Media Specialist
Celestin Astăluș
Personal Web Manager

Our Story

From the moment we started Photomedia, we felt that our only mission worth pursuing is to make people`s and business`s lives better. We are loyal to our mission and stay focused on what really matters!
We live our vision because we are based on transparency and dynamic interaction and communication. Honest, faithful collaboration is a key part of our success.
Here at Photomedia we believe that words and ideas put into action can change the world.
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