Throughout the years, PhotoMedia has worked for Romanian, German, French and Irish customers. Our activities and collaborations took us through the most distinct sectors and fields: medical clinics, greenfield medical developments, tourism, transportation, real-estate development, banking, finance and investments, human resources, education and schooling, union and employers’ associations or confederacies, media and television, NGOs, cultural and political events, fundraising and charity events, audit and financial counselling, law firms, pharma, energy, petrol and gas, wine industry, distilleries and alcoholic drinks manufacturers.


Sibi Capital - Simple Ideas, Big Impact – is a tech/research/development/based start-up project. We have already filed a first patent with OSIM in 2017 in the field of electrical/ household accessories, targeting an intelligent system of plug sockets and extension cords with plug extractor (EuroStecker type). We will soon be able to present to you the first prototypes and give you all the details on a dedicated website.

EM360.RO (or is an online portal which actually begins as an interactive campaign for explaining and promoting economic concepts, fundamental entrepreneurship concepts, business and after-business technologies and trends, aiming at a better filtering, understanding and assimilation of daily events and news. All in a very short, dynamic and cool (sometimes even funky or funny) manner. Our purpose is to stay relaxed, but always brief and to the point. At the same time, the raw information cannot develop the filters mentioned earlier unless placed within the right context. Well, that’s what we do here: the short version of the portal’s name is EM360- and you can be sure that 360 stands for the panoramic perspective.


Invictus Romania: #PedalamPentruInvictus2017- “#WeRideforInvictus2017” is a story about winners and a campaign carried out together with Povestasii Association. We rode our bikes for heroes and we raised money to fulfill a dream. 2017 kilometers for 50,000 Euro, i.e. the costs for the participation of the Romanian veterans, wounded in Afghanistan, to the Invictus Paralympic Games 2017 in Toronto. All details can be found here as well as on Facebook, using the hashtag #PedalamPentruInvictus2017.


The “Taxation Pact” is a project which proposed and accomplished a pact for Romania’s welfare. Taxation experts, academic personalities and representatives of the Romanian business environment have all engaged in finding the best solutions for economic stimulation and Romanian society development, departing from 4 sovereign tax principles: 1) simplifying and rendering the tax legislation more efficient and predictable; 2) removing the political factor, rebuilding the professionalism and computerization of ANAF (National Tax Administration Agency); 3) providing incentives for direct investments; 4) zero tolerance for tax evasion. The “Taxation Pact” is the result of a joined initiative belonging to the Romanian Academy’s Institute for Economic Forecasting (IPE), the Romanian Academy’s National Institute for Economic Research (INCE), the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR), the Association of Romanian Business People (AOAR), the Foreign Investors Council (FIC), the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation (RBL), the Employers’ Confederation Concordia (CPC) and enjoys the support of the Competition Council and of the Tax Council. Details here.


Income is a live TV show, business and after-business oriented, produced and hosted for 10 seasons, from September 2012 through August 2017, by Adrian Măniuțiu, in co-production with Antena3 TV channel, where it was broadcasted. The show featured a dynamic and flexible format, with a relevant theme, meant to serve as an instrument in trying to understand the economic processes, the economic context and their meaning and consequences. Hundreds of business ideas, strategies, trends were discussed during the show and sector analyses and interviews on current interest topics with entrepreneurs and successful businessmen were carried out. The TV platform Income was extended as starting from the fall of 2013 with a daily show, broadcasted every morning from Monday to Friday at Antena3 TV channel. The show was made, produced and presented in the same manner as the initial Income show. Maintaining the same profile, Daily Income explained and discussed, in brief, important economic and business topics.


Income Challenge – an unprecedented parallel between extreme sports and entrepreneurship – was a 5-episode series, broadcasted by Antena 3 TV within Income TV show, in the summer of 2013. By watching these episodes, you get acquainted with successful entrepreneurial stories told to Adrian Măniuţiu by those directly involved, in a parallel between the qualities needed for practicing extreme and spectacular sports (wakeboarding, skydiving, endurance MT Biking, aerobatics) and the qualities which make you successful in business, as well.